Ultimate Indulgences Expeditions Exquisite adventures into the heart and soul of Japan
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The Ultimate Indulgences Expeditions is a series of five thoughtfully curated travel experiences — across Kyoto, Sapporo, Ishikawa and Wakayama — organized by the Japan Luxury Travel Alliance. Each singular experience showcases trends in wellness and gastronomy, from inspired innovations and rediscovered ancient traditions, found in some of the country’s finest establishments.

Discover the Japan Luxury Travel Alliance Destinations

The five destinations within the Alliance’s network, each with its own portfolio of luxurious offerings in dining and wellness, share something in common: these are places where the unique attributes of the land are thoroughly celebrated, and where revered traditions dating back several centuries underpin all innovation.


Widely considered one of the most beautiful cities in the world, the former imperial capital of Japan is home to over 1600 Buddhist temples and 400 Shinto shrines. Centuries of devotion to spirituality and attention to craft have resulted in inspired architecture and a rich artisan culture that influences everything, from divine wellness therapies to unforgettable cuisine.


As the gateway city to Hokkaido — one of the snowiest places in the world, thanks to Artic blasts from Siberia, and home to the legendary ‘Japow’ (Japanese powder snow) popular among avid skiers and snowboarders — Sapporo is home to some of the country’s most inventive restaurants and the most luxurious wellness retreats.


Located right in the center of the Japanese archipelago, the long, lean prefecture of Ishikawa boasts an array of landscapes: from the snow-covered, soaring Hakusan mountain range in the south to the farmland around Kanazawa in its center and the rugged coastline and serene bays of the Noto Peninsula in the province’s far north.


Wakayama’s unique topography — rugged coast to misty mountain peaks and wooded valleys — has supplied the local cuisine with a wealth of rare and often luxurious ingredients. The abundance of hot spring has also made it a favorite destination for onsen retreats.

Kyoto Prefecture

In every direction around the metropolitan heart of Kyoto, a seductive corner of the prefecture awaits – in farmland, by the riverside, and in the mountains – beckoning visitors into romantic encounters with nature

Unforgettable dining destinations around the Japan Luxury Travel Alliance Destinations

All around Japan, high-caliber restaurants are serving up meticulously prepared local cuisine in an environment that aims to reflect the historical, architectural and culinary traditions of their respective regions. Here’s what’s trending where

  • The storied double Michelin-starred Mankamero, run by the 10th generation of its founding family, showcases a 1200-year-old courtly tradition called shiki-bocho

  • Kinsuitei, founded in 1881, celebrates bamboo-shoot cuisine and maximizes its naturally beautiful surroundings.

  • Nipponia Hotel’s restaurant Kushimoto serves up dishes that highlight locally sourced ingredients, evoking the Kumano area’s traditional lifestyle

  • The endlessly elegant L’Atelier de NOTO is helmed by Wajima-born chef Ikehata Toshiya, who trained at France’s esteemed L'Atelier de Joël Robuchon

  • The Michelin-starred Takao restaurant pays tribute to indigenous Ainu flavors in innovative ways

About Japan Luxury Travel Alliance

Formed in 2016, the Japan Luxury Travel Alliance (JLTA) is a group of several Japanese localities, each offering unique and inspired experiences in luxury travel. The members of the alliance are: Kyoto, one of Japan’s leading historical and cultural destinations; the city of Sapporo, renowned for its fine, powder-like snow; Ishikawa Prefecture, where the fascinating samurai culture endures to this day; and Wakayama Prefecture, home of Mt Koya and the spiritual trail known as the Kumado Kodo. The group’s objectives are to collaborate on delivering consistently high quality travel experiences and to promote Japan as an ideal destination for luxury travelers from around the world. The Ultimate Indulgences Expeditions Series is a project with curated content by luxury travel specialists members of Japan Luxury Travel Alliance project.

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