The origin of luxury travel dates back to the 18th century Europe, where aristocratic bourgeois of Europe were led in travel by intellects such as John Locke and Adam Smith to the cultural hubs of the world to accumulate cultural, social, and artistic wisdom.

Much like the leading cultural hubs of the world during 18th century, Japan is a renown destination of international luxury travel, accredited for its rich tradition, culture and regional industries. As history of so called Bear Leaders from the Grand Tour has proved, luxury tourism must come with professional guidance. Bear Luxe Japan aims to develop and deliver an ecosystem of the luxury travel industry in Japan to allow the international market to access the authentic Japan with necessary human intervention.

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Designed and created in response to international clients’ difficulty in communicating with independent Japanese travel services, add to which was the ambiguity and absence of information, Bear Luxe Japan bridges the gap by offering a one-stop window for tailor-made journeys, meetings & events, accommodation, transportation, custom experiences, negotiations, reservations and payments.

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We are specialists in luxury within japan, dedicated to providing bespoke travel experiences with a human touch

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