Introducing the Ultimate Indulgences Expeditions the Ishikawa Edition
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The Ultimate Indulgences Expeditions is a series of five thoughtfully curated travel experiences — across Kyoto, Sapporo, Ishikawa and Wakayama — organized by the Japan Luxury Travel Alliance. Each singular experience showcases trends in wellness and gastronomy, from inspired innovations and rediscovered ancient traditions, found in some of the country’s finest establishments.

Discover Ishikawa

Get off the beaten track and find bucolic farmland, pine forests, seaside hamlets and more in this food lovers paradise

In the fertile fields, seaside fishing hamlets and windswept peninsulas of Ishikawa — a province on the far western coast of Honshu — lives a little known Japan. It’s a place far removed from the country’s heaving, big cities, where people’s lives are still innately tied to the land, the sea and the seasons.

With its charming cobbled streets, abundance of craft ateliers and its excellent dining scene, Ishikawa’s history-rich capital, Kanazawa, draws in plenty of tourists (especially now that a high-speed Shinkansen bullet train now links it straight to Tokyo). But it’s also Ishikawa’s magical landscape of misty forests, rice paddies, long stretches of golden sand surf beaches and lush, rolling farmland that entices plenty more people to stay longer.

With it’s rich and diverse landscape, Ishikawa is one of the most incredible Japanese destinations for wellness and reconnecting with nature

Located right in the center of the Japanese archipelago, the long, lean prefecture of Ishikawa boasts an array of landscapes: from the snow-covered, soaring Hakusan mountain range in the south to the farmland around Kanazawa in its centre and the rugged coastline and serene bays of the Noto Peninsula in the province’s far north.

The sheer diversity of the Ishikawa landscape makes it an extra special destination for wellness tourism, hot spring bathing and experiencing the great outdoors.

  • At Beniya Mukayu in the foothills of Hakusan National Park, hike through thick pine groves and enjoy the art of ‘forest bathing’ or indulge in ancient herbal spa treatments created by monks hundreds of years ago.

  • On the far nothern tip of Noto, enjoy hot spring bathing in an onsen carved into a cliffface and caves at the secluded Lamp no Yodo.

  • Hyakurakusou is located on the pretty Kujuko Bay, and taps into deep sea spring water to offer three different kinds of “cave” baths to soothe the body and mind.

Here’s why Ishikawa is one of the world’s most unforgettable dining destinations

Ishikawa is renowned for its bounty, from fresh seafood (70-year-old ama divers still harvest sea urchin from the ocean floor in Noto!), to its terraced rice paddies, locally brewed sake and prized fermented sauces. Top chefs from both overseas and from Japan are thus drawn to this stunning region and take full advantage of the terrific ingredeints on offer.

  • Indulge in fine French cuisine that spotlights local ingredients at L’Atelier de NOTO, whose chef trained at the esteemed L'Atelier de Joël Robuchon

  • Step back in time and discover ancient Kanazawa traditions at Kinjohro, a history-laced ryokan serving sublime kaiseki meals

  • Discover why top Australian chef Ben Flatt was so charmed by the rugged Noto region that he decided to stay and open Flatt's, a delightful Italian-Japanese fusion restaurant.

6 Nights 7 Days Model Itinerary

From sumptuous meals to restorative retreats, follow your bliss in Ishikawa

The Japan Luxury Travel Alliance introduces discriminating travelers to one-of-a-kind and thoughtfully crafted experiences, featuring some of the most revered establishments in wellness and gastronomy. Each six-day experience comprises a carefully crafted daily itinerary for an unforgettable dining and wellness holiday.

About Japan Luxury Travel Alliance

Formed in 2016, the Japan Luxury Travel Alliance (JLTA) is a group of several Japanese localities, each offering unique and inspired experiences in luxury travel. The members of the alliance are: Kyoto, one of Japan’s leading historical and cultural destinations; the city of Sapporo, renowned for its fine, powder-like snow; Ishikawa Prefecture, where the fascinating samurai culture endures to this day; and Wakayama Prefecture, home of Mt Koya and the spiritual trail known as the Kumado Kodo. The group’s objectives are to collaborate on delivering consistently high quality travel experiences and to promote Japan as an ideal destination for luxury travelers from around the world. The Ultimate Indulgences Expeditions Series is a project with curated content by luxury travel specialists members of Japan Luxury Travel Alliance project.

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