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In the heart of the former imperial capital, a luxury hotel brings all of Kyoto’s pleasures in one stunning and storied address Beside the UNESCO-listed Nijo Castle is another stunning structure steeped in history; Hotel The Mitsui Kyoto, with its sleek lines and gleaming glass walls, sits on a piece of property that has belonged to the Mitsui Family for over 250 years. The André Fu-designed hotel is nothing less than a showcase of Kyoto’s authentic cultural experiences — including guest rooms inspired by the traditional teahouse — as well as its finest crafts. The 300-year-old Kajiimiya Gate, a hotel centerpiece, was restored by local artisans. The property is also a sanctuary for relaxation in the heart of the city. Among its most notable spa experiences is the Thermal Spring, a healing bath in natural spring water drawn from an onsite source.





Deluxe suite
Sleeps: 3
A modern interpretation of the tea room. It contains the ancient Japanese spirit of hospitality, inviting important people with all their heart. The interior is a comfortable combination of Japanese space beauty and modern design, and the bathroom is equipped with a spacious stone bathtub. We offer a relaxing and joyful stay with a dignified and calm space.
Executive suite
Sleeps: 3
Located on the top floor, the Executive Suite is a spacious suite over 78 m². Founded in 1703 (Genroku 16), you can see the Kajii Miyamon gate, which has been passed down since the time of the Mitsui Zaibatsu family, and you can feel the history and tradition that continues in this area. The modern interpretation of the traditional Japanese tea room harmonizes the beauty of Japanese space with modern design, and the walnut low table in the center of the living room creates a calm and gorgeous atmosphere.
Garden suite
Sleeps: 3
The garden of HOTEL THE MITSUI KYOTO is a modern revival of the Ikezumi strolling garden of the Mitsui mansion that once existed in this area. The garden suite is a suite with a panoramic view of the garden. The spacious room of over 95㎡ consists of a separate living room and bedroom, and you can see the garden that shows different expressions with the four seasons, such as cherry blossoms in spring, fresh green in summer, colored leaves in autumn, and snowy scenery in winter. A luxury suite unique to HOTEL THE MITSUI KYOTO that inherits the spirit of "Niwaya Ichiyo," which values ​​the harmony between the garden and the building.
Nijo Suite
Sleeps: 3
The Nijo Suite, which bears the name of "Nijō Castle," is a suite that overlooks Nijo Castle, including the important cultural properties "East Otemon" and "Tonansumi Yagura." The 112 m2 room consists of a separate living room and bedroom. Light shines through the two-sided daylighting window during the day, and the illuminated Nijo Castle emerges outside the window at night. A luxury suite where you can enjoy the spectacular scenery unique to HOTEL THE MITSUI KYOTO in a spacious space.
Onsen Suite
Sleeps: 3
The Onsen Suite is one of the most luxurious suites in HOTEL THE MITSUI KYOTO, with spacious rooms over 101㎡ and an open-air hot spring bath that springs from deep underground. The room consists of a separate living room and bedroom, and most of the interior is made of cherry blossom trees, creating a space where you can feel the beauty of Japanese style. From the open-air bath, you can see the garden with plants and lanterns, and you can enjoy the luxurious bathing unique to the Onsen Suite along with the stately stone wall that surrounds the tsubo-niwa.
Presidential Suite
Sleeps: 3
Located on the top floor and one of the largest in Kyoto with 213㎡, the Presidential Suite is the finest suite that HOTEL THE MITSUI KYOTO is proud of. It consists of a separate living room and bedroom, and the dining space has a pantry and a table for 10 people. You can see the world cultural heritage "Nijō Castle" up close, and you can see the magnificent mountains of Kyoto in the distance. You can enjoy the best staying time in a luxurious space just like the residence of the former Mitsui Family Shigeru.





Double rooms from 86,000 JPY



2 restaurants(Italian,Teppan)

Check in/out

3pm / 12pm


From Kyoto Station

[Taxi] Approximately 15 minutes

- 3 mins walk from the station of "Nijo Castle Mae"

- Approximately 50 minutes by airport limousine bus from Osaka International Airport (ITM)