Kyo no Ondokoro MARUTAMACHI No.7

Kyoto / Kyoto

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Preservation and modernity are the hallmarks of Kyo-no-Ondokoro. As development continues to erode aesthetics, Kyo-no-Ondokoro considers it essential to protect the beauty of old Kyoto so that future generations of locals and visitors can enjoy and appreciate what amounts to living history. The city’s traditional Kyo-machiya townhouses come alive through the hard work and focus of the Wacoal Corporation. In 2018, inspired by a belief in the power of architectural beauty to reinvigorate history, Wacoal Corporation started the “Kyo no Ondokoro” project. The philosophy of the project is to preserve Kyoto’s traditions while bringing things to light for modern tastes. Kyomachiya homes are the focus. Building a cooperative community of these classic buildings.

Renovating their interiors so that there is a seamless blend of the best of tradition and the best of modernity. Interior design that is mood enhancing: Simple, understated, characteristically refined. The exterior of each property is burnished and unchanged while the interior retains typical features, such as traditional pillars and roof beams. Remarkably, Wacoal rents each Kyomachiya house from its owner, and after it has been managed as a rental property to guests for ten to 15 years, the houses are to be returned to their respective owners, completely renovated and preserved. This is history in the making. Overall, a unique collaboration between travelers seeking authenticity and locals in Kyoto who want to see their homes and city maintain dignity in the future.





1 houseTwo-story, 94㎡
Sleeps: 4

1st Floor: Kitchen island, Japanese room, Japanese garden, Dining room, Bathtub, Washroom, Makeup corner 2nd Floor: Lounge area , Bedroom , Japanese room



1 private villa


One rooms with 2people from 36,000 JPY




Check in/out

10am - 5pm / 11am


From Kyoto Station

\[Taxi\] Approximately 10 minutes

- 3 mins walk from the station of "Marutamachi"