Sankara Hotel & Spa Yakushima

Yakushima / Kagoshima

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No two experiences are alike at this luxurious wellbeing retreat set against the majestic, primordial forests of Yakushima Every traveler is unique. It’s an idea that underpins everything at Sankara Hotel and Spa in Yakushima, an island known for moss-draped ancient forests, thousand-year-old Japanese cedar and a distinct charm across all four seasons. Thus, every experience at this luxury auberge begins with a conversation with a butler, then slides seamlessly into a tailored itinerary for feeding mind, body and soul. The hotel takes full advantage of the surrounding nature. Elegant accommodations, ranging from suites with wraparound decks to villas built deep in the woods, offer views of lush foliage or a glassy ocean, along with ambient sounds of morning birdsong and an all-day gentle breeze. At the spa, treatments feature a bespoke product line of oils, lotions and salts infused with extracts of flowers, fruits and plants found on the island. The dining menu, meanwhile, offers the seasonal bounty of land and sea.





sankara suite
Sleeps: 2

The most luxurious suite room in the main hall. The room comes with a spa room, so you can enjoy spa treatment in the comfort of your room and an outdoor bath to enjoy the nature of Yakushima. Alleviate fatigue from outdoor activities.

sankara junior suite
Sleeps: 2

A 71 ㎡ suite room in the main hall. The room is decorated in a modern Asian style with a wood theme. The rich finish of teak creates a comfortable, natural ambience.

sankara villa suite
Sleeps: 2

A large villa has a wooden deck in the ocean-view room. The room offers the luxury of doing nothing at all.

samudra villa
Sleeps: 2

A standard guestroom. Villas with 24 guestrooms in 12 complexes are located throughout the forest. Feature a bedroom, living area and a multi-purpose room. A daybed is available for the living area.





Double rooms from 43,000 JPY



2 restaurants(French)

Check in/out

3pm / 11am


There are Kagoshima connecting flights and direct flights from Osaka (Itami) Airport and Fukuoka Airport, and Kagoshima connecting flights from other airports. It takes about 35 minutes from Kagoshima Airport to Yakushima Airport.

We will pick you up from Yakushima Airport to the hotel free of charge according to your flight. (About 40 minutes)