Introducing the Ultimate Indulgences Expeditions the Kyoto Pref. Edition
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The Ultimate Indulgences Expeditions is a series of five thoughtfully curated travel experiences — across Kyoto, Sapporo, Ishikawa and Wakayama — organized by the Japan Luxury Travel Alliance. Each singular experience showcases trends in wellness and gastronomy, from inspired innovations and rediscovered ancient traditions, found in some of the country’s finest establishments.

Discover Kyoto Prefecture

In every direction around the metropolitan heart of Kyoto, a seductive corner of the prefecture awaits – in farmland, by the riverside, and in the mountains – beckoning visitors into romantic encounters with nature

There are few places more emblematic of the art of Japanese spirituality and the deep reverence for nature that the culture has honed over the course of centuries. All around the prefecture, yet still within easy range of the city, a range of destinations covering a multiplicity of landscapes familiarize visitors with quintessential elements of the Japanese wellness, self-care and dining culture.

The combination of such pleasurable pursuits with the idyllic surroundings of Kyoto Prefecture adds up to a matchless and unforgettable experience. Many visitors to Kyoto’s metropolitan centre might be unaware of locations such as Kyoto-by-the-Sea and its beautiful, pine-strewn sandbar Amanohashidate; Kameoka, a mountain village that can be reached by boat or train; the waterside settlements of Ine and Uji, with their idiosyncratic culture of boathouses and seafood; or Miyama, where the time-honoured customs and craftsmanship of the countryside, or satoyama, still prevail through the centuries amid tranquil and breathtaking scenery.

Ranging from the rustic and quirky to the montane and spectacular, Kyoto Prefecture’s brace of wellness destinations leaves no stone unturned

Japan’s reputation as a world-beating spa and self-care destination remains untouchable, as evidenced by the eclectic range of sanctuaries available around the region for those seeking to find soulful spiritual solace in time-honored techniques. Among the outstanding resorts for wellness lovers are:

  • In the shoreside area known as Kyoto-by-the-Sea, Hoshi no Oto bringstogether design, luxury and cuisine in one remarkable package for those who enjoy their onsen and spa treatments with a side order of natural beauty

  • Enjoying an imperious location among the lofty mountains outside Kyoto city, Yunohana Hot Spring Resort Suisen takes advantage of its position between rivers, trees, railways and gardens to offer both natural spa healing and Ayurveda therapy

  • Many worlds away from the city, Miyama Futon & Breakfast reconstructs the centuries-old architecture and rural artisanal practices of thatched-cottage living among agricultural land set among the sweeping panoramas of the countryside

Unforgettable dining destinations are dotted throughout Kyoto Prefecture

Travelers on the lookout for memorable meal experiences will be wowed by the diversity and quality of the dining choices on offer throughout the region. From restaurants tucked away in cultural villages serving local specialties to spectacular riverside locales that combine hearty indigenous fare with sublime views across the surrounding waters, Kyoto Prefecture amounts to a wonderland for those equally enamoured of the area’s produce and landscape. Highlights include:

  • The intimateand serene Restaurant Kajikaso, part of Miyama Nature & Culture Village, which takes a strictly local approach to dining amid forested riverside surrounds with its focus on seasonal ingredients and jibiecuisine

  • Uji’s standout eatery, Tatsumiya,which enjoys an enviable location alongside the small city’s riverside and offers a unique twist on the local-specialty green-tea, incorporating the taste into dishes such as tofu and cheesecake

  • The floating hotel and restaurant of Funaya no Yado Kura, which takes its inspiration from the area’s wooden fishing houses to provide a place of contemplation and cuisine, where the seasonal fare focuses on the fish that are a particular local preference

6 Nights 7 Days Model Itinerary

From sumptuous meals to restorative retreats, follow your bliss in Kyoto Prefecture

The Japan Luxury Travel Alliance introduces discriminating travelers to one-of-a-kind and thoughtfully crafted experiences, featuring some of the most revered establishments in wellness and gastronomy. Each six-day experience comprises a carefully crafted daily itinerary for an unforgettable dining and wellness holiday.

About Japan Luxury Travel Alliance

Formed in 2016, the Japan Luxury Travel Alliance (JLTA) is a group of several Japanese localities, each offering unique and inspired experiences in luxury travel. The members of the alliance are: Kyoto, one of Japan’s leading historical and cultural destinations; the city of Sapporo, renowned for its fine, powder-like snow; Ishikawa Prefecture, where the fascinating samurai culture endures to this day; and Wakayama Prefecture, home of Mt Koya and the spiritual trail known as the Kumado Kodo. The group’s objectives are to collaborate on delivering consistently high quality travel experiences and to promote Japan as an ideal destination for luxury travelers from around the world. The Ultimate Indulgences Expeditions Series is a project with curated content by luxury travel specialists members of Japan Luxury Travel Alliance project.

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