KITANISHI 2 - H2 Life Signature


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This property can be booked together with Kitanishi 3 for larger groups.Trivia: "Kita" means North and "nishi" means West in Japanese, so when you put them together to form "kitanishi," does it become northwest? Answer: No, northwest in Japanese is actually "hokusei." Knowing that would bring you nodding heads and impressed looks, and possibly a chance to win on 'Who Wants to Be a Millionaire.' This accommodation sits in middle Hirafu providing easy access to nearby restaurants and nightlife, and is walking distance to the ski lifts. The first floor of this accommodation is the perfect place to live out your dream snow holiday. A large laundry and dry room gives you space to store all your ski and snowboard gear. There is also a toilet tucked away in here. The modern kitchen features a bar that spills over into the dining area so you can cook up a storm and entertain guests.The couches in the living room are the perfect place to curl up and watch a movie as the evening snow falls. Once you are ready to retire for the night head upstairs to the second floor where the bedrooms are located. There is an ensuite bathroom for the master and another large bathroom for the other guests. Bunks in one of the bedrooms are perfect for the kids.


Private Villa

Family Friendly

Ski Resort


1 private villa. 8 Guests | 3 Bedrooms

3pm / 10am

Double rooms from91,000 JPY

Ski / Summer Resort


From Shin Chitose Airport 2hours drive