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Spend a special time in 11 separate Woody Villas surrounded by vast nature. Sengokuhara is an especially sophisticated part of Hakone. Just a short walk from the renowned Hakone Glass no Mori Venetian Glass Museum, and you will be immersed in the otherworldly atmosphere of Hakone Retreat surrounded by large forests. Hakone Retreat has 2 accommodation facilities, “villa 1/f” and “före”, with “villa 1/f” featuring 11 independent spacious cottages, each equipped with a hot spring bath. “1/f” refers to fluctuations found in nature and various methods of relaxation. Guests at Hakone Retreat villa 1/f can experience “1/f” in flames dancing in wood stoves, hot spring vapors, winds, rustling trees, sounds of the water, birds and bugs. This is Hakone’s premier retreat with a promise of ultimate relaxation for the body and soul.





Premium Villa Suite with Private Open Air Bath
Sleeps: 4
Our private villa suite provides a horoscopic open air bath (hot spring) which is situated closest to the moon within our premises. Our guests are able to fully enjoy all to themselves the horoscopic open air bath surrounded by the starry sky and moonlight and closely feel the dogwoods from the mountain behind and the Magnolia Kobus to the south. There is a mini kitchen in the living room so the suite is suitable for families and groups. From the terrace, situated on the plateau of the premises, the guests are able to enjoy a sweeping view of Owakudani, Mount Hakone and Mount Mikuni. This is a guest suite that provides two individual bedrooms and two indoor baths made from Japanese cypress.
Deluxe Villa Suite with Private Open Air Bath
Sleeps: 2

This is an elaborately designed private villa with an open air bath. Our guests are able to enjoy the elaborately well-designed room and the open air bath as many times as they wish during their stay.

Our guests are able to enjoy all to themselves feeling the pure forest and listening to the sounds of water as well as looking at the moonlight and cascading stars during the night from the open air bath.

Villa Suite with Semi Open-Air Bath
Sleeps: 2

This is a unique private villa with a distinct room and a characteristic appearance. Please enjoy spending calm time with your beloved one in this villa which invites you to connect with the stars and the bamboo forest.

Being surrounded by the views of the untouched Hakone nature, our guests are able to enjoy an exceptional morning waking up to the sunshine filtering through foliage. This suite provides our guests with an enjoyable moment looking at the shining stars and t

Villa Suite with Hot Spring Bath
Sleeps: 2

When you open the window, the sound of water echoes quietly from the small pond in front of the terrace of this villa. Between the spacious cypress bath surrounded by glass, there is a spacious space for relaxation and a space with a margin where the bed is loosely divided. The terrace offers a liberating view of the water from every angle of the room, and you can also enjoy the rich nature of the Asobi and Kaede trees.

4 Beds Villa Suite with Private Hot Spring Bath
Sleeps: 4

This private villa is situated away from others in a perfect silence. The sound of richly flowing water and the harmonious pond.

With the endless views along with fresh air coming through from the north to the south, the room provides two king sized beds. The moonlight on this particular day with your best friends somehow brings you back to your old days… Our guests are able to enjoy a comfortable slight wind from the harmonious pond once the windows are opened.





Double rooms from 108,000 JPY



1 Dining

Check in/out

3pm / 12pm


Approximately 40 minutes by shinkansenFrom Tokyo Station to Odawara station, 40 minutes by shinkansen

- From Odawara Station 40 mins by Hakone Tozan Bus